What Makes a Good First Car

firstcarAll young teens have a dream car in mind. For most it is not always a practical first car that they are thinking of, because many kids want the sports cars or those that look great. This puts parents in a tough spot. They want their kids to have a car that is nice, but they also want on that will not send their insurance skyrocketing. They want something dependable, but not overly fast or expensive. Do you know the features that make a first car great? Here are a few things for you to consider when trying to figure out, “What makes a good first car”.

Stay Safe

Being a new driver does not always mean they are great drivers. There are a lot of new drivers each year that end up crashing their new car. Often it happens because they are distracted. They may have friends riding along or have the radio up loud, and make a simple mistake. That is why parents may set ground rules about how many friends can be in the car and other things. They may also encourage their child to avoid texting or talking on the phone while they are learning to drive. All of these are great things, but you should also put your child into a car that is designed to be safe.

Look for vehicles that have side impact airbags as well as a good overall safety rating. There are several nice looking cars that have safety as a number one priority and luckily, most are very affordable options.

You can search through insurance websites to find out what vehicles have the best highway safety rankings.

You may want to avoid SUVs because of their rollover potential. It is not hard to over correct when you are a new driver. The fact that SUVs are top heavy makes it more possible for an accident to become serious.


Shopping based on price is something most parents choose to do. Some parents choose to purchase an older vehicle that their child can fix up. It is a great way to teach the teen about how to care for their new care and makes them appreciate the car more, as well. Other parents are willing to spend a few thousand dollars on a vehicle to ensure that their teen has a reliable source of transportation. It all depends on your finances and what you are most comfortable with. As a general rule, though, parents expect a few dents and dings to be in their teenager’s first vehicle, so they see no reason to purchase a car that is brand new. Often, the price of the teen’s first car will be whatever the child has saved up and money that their parents can afford to spend.

When looking at the price, you may also want to take into consideration the insurance on it. By having a teenager on your insurance policy, you can immediately expect an increase in price. You further add to the increase when you purchase a small sports car or an SUV. Even though the sports car or SUV is more fun, if saving money is important to your family, you may want to steer clear of them for a little while.


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